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Photo of a recent wedding

Planning a wedding is more complicated than ever. Both bride and groom want to be involved with the arrangements but are often preoccupied with their work. Hiring a wedding coordinator also takes the stress away from the emotional issues which are dominant when planning a wedding with different parties involved, as well as the financial restrictions. Us as wedding coordinators act as the objective party which are able to put perspective and eliminate the emotions involved between both families.

Couples have high expectations for their wedding, but are novices at organizing such a big event in their lives. Our aim is to save you money wherever is possible. The coordinator is able to guide the new couple practically on what budget they have available and will advise them from the onset if the wedding of their dreams is financially viable, or to present them with alternate concepts within their budget.

Our wedding coordinator helps to make the wedding an enjoyable process all round and ensure only good memories remain.

We can save you lots of time especially if you are looking for unique services and venue.

Just breathe and we will take care of all the FINER DETAILS.

If you are interested in having your wedding hosted and/or organised at Dickens World please ring us on 0844 858 6656 or e-mail us at events@dickensworld.co.uk